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I like new friends,
rambling about fandom,
and school.

MOVED. New LJ = elegantmelody

(Are you looking for my fanfics? Well, I don't post them in my personal journal. Please visit tasty_breeze for Gilmore Girls fics and wet_marauders for HP fics. Thank you.)

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je me sens: calm friendly
j'entends: nightmare - eve 6

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My Playlist (as of 8/19/05)

- No full albums.
- Let me know if you need a certain format (some are .mp3, some are .m4a)
- I cannot upload Pink (by Aerosmith), the Garden State Soundtrack, or the album Keep it Together (Guster). Sorry!

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j'entends: Oh Sailor - Fiona Apple

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Okay, friends cut is officially in place. If I took you off my friends list, but you'd like to stay, all you have to do is comment on this post. I will not remove anyone who wants to stay on my friends list. (If you can't see any of my friends-locked entries, that means you're not on my friends list.) Remember, I assumed that if you didn't comment on this post, you didn't wish to remain my friend.

I didn't want to remove anyone. I just don't want people to keep me on their lists out of "pity".

If you commented on this post and was wrongfully removed, please let me know. (I make a lot of mistakes!) Also, if you weren't removed and would like to be, comment on this post (it's screened again).

Thank you for your cooperation. :)

ETA: Since this is a public post that will remain public for a while, if you've never been on my friends list before, please comment on my friends only post to be added. Thanks!

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j'entends: the power of orange knickers - tori amos

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